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Is stealable a word? Finally, I would love to make this my first two-book year. For that to happen, though, I need to write the next Grave book in six months instead of a year. If all the other stuff comes to pass, this one might not be doable, but for now, in the first week of a brand new year, anything and everything is possible. In my reply, I ignored the substance—including his assessment of who my fictional terrorist truly are—and thanked him for reading my work. Some conversations are just not worth having.

For the record, I work very hard to keep politics out of my writing. This email got me thinking, though, about how much of our reading is informed by the baggage we bring to the material we choose. I like just about everybody, but there are a few folks on my shit list whose email correspondence always seems snide or hurtful. I was a better than average student, and as I read it, I remember being so proud of myself for catching on to the social subtext—the symbolism —of the book. My cousin was a high school English teacher at the time, teaching Lord of the Flies to seniors.

When he told me that the pig-killing scene had Oedipal overtones, I thought he was making it up. In Threat Warning , I wrote a thriller that my fan apparently read as a political treatise.

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She meant it as a compliment and I took it as such. I never told her that American Indians never once entered my consciousness as I wrote the book. What do you think? Those were the days when you paid for online time by the hour.

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Writing the next book is the single best thing you can do to gain support for the previous book. The poster child my editor named as the antithesis of this advice was Truman Capote, whose writing quality was, he believed and I agree, inversely proportional to his fame. This advice resonates loudly with me every year when conference season rolls around.

Properly selected and managed, I think that conferences are the single greatest marketing tool available to writers—both budding and established. You just need to screw up the courage to talk to people. There comes a point of diminishing returns.

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It has to be. Standard book signings are to me a waste of time.

Ditto book tours. Facebook and Twitter are great as tools, but I believe they work best as subliminal pleas for business. If you post and say something smart, I might try your product. If you send me a direct request, the likelihood drops dramatically. Every minute of self-promotion that takes away from your ability to churn out at least one book per year but probably no more than two , is doing so little good as to perhaps be doing harm.

Today is one of those days. This will be a three-book summer for me. The pBook rerelease will follow in I tried hard to keep my substantive changes to a minimum, but a few were irresistable. The facility itself was abandoned and ultimately torn down. Last time I drove through there, it was an empty lot. The most interesting part of the editing process was the realization that the story would have been largely different if I had written it today.

A huge section takes place at a hazardous waste site. In , when I was committing the story to paper, that hazmat stuff was very much a part of my life. Then there was the emotion of revisiting that creative space in my mind. Those were heady days, when the publishing industry was all hope an opportunity and unbridled success for me—the days when I was first meeting so many of the then-up-and-coming writers who would soon become fast friends, and staples of your local bookstore.

The act of revisiting At All Costs felt like a bit like piloting a time machine on occasion. I hope you have a chance to read the book. More than that, I hope you enjoy it if you do. Thanks to the somewhat startling success of the first two books in the Jonathan Grave series— No Mercy and Hostage Zero —Kensington Publishing purchased the reprint rights, and both will reappear on the shelves in , first as eBooks and then as pBooks.

With the latest Grave book, Threat Warning , coming out in late June, the reverse order seems like an attractive marketing platform.

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Enough shameless self-promotion for now. I have the opportunity to change anything I want—whether to merely put on a fresh coat of paint, or to pull down the Sheetrock and move the walls. They are, in fact, the books I wrote at the time, and the purist in me wants them to remain blazes on the trail I walked in the s. They reflect the sensibilities and the world view of a young father with a small child, written at a time that was in so many ways different than today.

I never liked it, and after the book was published, I cringed that it was there.

Nathan's Run

My original manuscript ended with a wrap-up chapter—a coda, if you will, much like the codas that end most of my later books. Since then, I have received hundreds of letters and emails from readers who wanted to know precisely the information that I had originally included in my manuscript.

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Most appropriate to threads that have been discussed here in the Killzone is my plan to largely defuckify both books. In fact, defuckification vastly complicates things for Kensington. The language was the dealbreaker. And you know what? Perhaps no story needs that.

And, for the record, the epithet is directed from one male character to another male character.

Nathans Run

By John Gilstrap. I get to step into the story and free fall. Sometimes, the free fall happens on first drafts, too. Actually it happens frequently. I am on the record here in TKZ regarding my thoughts on writing classes and such—that at the end of the day, successful writers are created exclusively through the act of writing—but this throw-away line on American Idol fine-tuned the point in my head.

Books on writing and classes on writing can be of enormous value, but only as part of the preparation for free fall. James Patterson , Candice Fox. Silence Of The Lambs. Palace of Fires: Initiate BK1. The Titanic Secret. Clive Cussler , Jack Du Brul. Killer Instinct. The Second Sleep. Big Sky. The Cabin. Tom Clancy's Enemy Contact. Out of the Dark. The Whisper Man. Run Away. Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books.

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