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D some of the food it served was the same as it had always been. B complete the rest of his journey by public transport. C end his journey there. Alex Schwartz talks to us about his love for the sport. I will never forget the year After seeing the amazing stunts, I started degree twist, when I landed badly on my hand and dreaming about riding bikes and performing stunts pulled several tendons. It took me out of the sport myself one day. After all, I would need to get some practice if I was going to be The current popularity of extreme sports has meant like my hero! Mostly -we just copied the that BMX has seen a recent revival.

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III We level. III The atmosphere raise its profile and encourage more people to take was magical, with over 1, riders at some events.

Old tracks are being renovated and new ones F For once in my life I was nervous. G There were no real rules, but that's what was C The way I see it, the sport finally got the so great about it. H We organised our own events and fed off The risks, though, are really no greater than, each other's tricks. This rmation can provide clues to the correct sentences.

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For questions , choose from the hotels A-E. The hotels may be chosen more than once. The hotel has a new look. The rooms are clean. You get exactly what you pay for. A free meal is offered each day. Right Hotel These days more and more people are booking holiday by booking a hotel you don ' t know their holidays on the Net after reading anything about!


Perhaps, though, there's no better advice than first- There are two sides to every coin, of course, and hand advice! This year, my wife and I are going we did find someone who had enjoyed their to the Greek island of Santorini for our holiday. Henry Porter stayed at George's Villas holidays -but before choosing our hotel, we for four nights. The service was the best we have ever Choosing the right hotel is not always simply a experienced. The staff are wonderful and they question of looking for the nicest pictures on a think of absolutely everything, from the tour of website, as one of my friends, Barry Roberts, the hotel on arrival to the little box of chocolates found out.

He booked a room at the Captain's you receive to welcome you. This hotel is a little Resort online last year and explains how he was more expensive than most in the area but worth deceived: "You are led to believe that you will every penny. We would definitely stay here be staying at a small, elegant hotel. I was so again and recommend it to anyone who wants to disappointed.

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Don't be fooled: what can look relax and take in the beautiful scenery in style. The view from my room was of a burned- Another happy customer is my wife ' s boss, out car. The place is a hostel, at best, and there Debbie Graham, who stayed at the Clifftop is an awful smell that wafts through the hotel. It Hotel. However, everywhere," she explained.

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The truth is, it is stay. The bathrooms are newly renovated and second-rate. The location of the hotel is perfect! Although it doesn't have direct My neighbour Kate Smith also had a bad views of the cliffs, you only have to walk two experience after booking a room at the Odyssey minutes for-one Of the most amazing views on Hotel online. It is supposed seven-day holiday! Two other couples had the to be one of the best on the island, with two same problem and while we were leaving I saw swimming pools, a gymnasium and a tennis the same thing happening to some other new court.

The staff has a reputation for being the arrivals. They obviously constantly overbook! It has Then once we got our room, we found it was large rooms, each one with a balcony and a sea damp due to the air conditioning unit leaking - view. Sounds great, but after talking to our not exactly what you expect from a member of friends I've realised that you just never know the 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' group. Read Clara's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email to Clara using all your notes.

Make sure you have covered all the points in your answer. I haven't heard from you for ages - what's been keeping you so busy? Apologise for not I really need your advice because I just can't decide what to do this writing say why summer! The thing is, I've been offered a job organising activities for kids at a summer camp in July and August. I think it would be quite easy.

I Not true! When could also save up some money and it would be good expenence, [worked at a too. There's just one problem, though! I've also got a place at a youth orchestra summer school. Do you think it would be worth missing this opportunity to work at the summer camp?

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And what about you? Write soon. Tell her Clara Write an email. Write your answer in words in an " Write a letter to your adian penfriend, describing the day and explaining which part you enjoyed the most and why. She has invited students to write a report making some recommendations. Make sure you do not use contracted forms. Exploring the Pantanal Photojournalist David Rafferty was The Pantanal is In fact, Rafferty was amazed to learn that it is bigger than many small countries! His adventure began in the state capital of Campo Grande, where he took a short plane Once there, he 3.

For David, the Pantanal was a photographer's paradise. He says that the area boasts a wide It was enough to David's During his expedition, he also Use only one word gap. The truth is in there? It has been reported that photographers who get So, Remember that the prompt word may need to be changed into a noun, adjective, adverb, participle or occasionally verb. Read the sentence and try to decide what part of speech the missing word is.

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Very Big Brother Big Brother has seen great success throughout the past decade. Shown in over 70 countries The With audience figures higher than ever before, there is little chance that the show's incredible The show has received Of course, this is often the reason the audience finds the show so The producers' HELP hand, therefore, simply aims to Whatever your opinion, the You must use between two and five words, "'-I U g the word given.

AS Remember to make all necessary changes to the Bill said The heavy rainfall caused floods in the area. AGREE " They postponed the match because of the bad weather. PUT The match I wish I had listened to your advice. PITY It's I can't really tell you what he is like as I haven't seen him. At the end of the race he had very little strength left.

I had dressed quite nicely for my first day as a student. At 16, I had been upgraded from lowly pupil to proud student upon enrolment at St. Anne's College of Further Education. I would be spending the next two years on a drama foundation course, which I hoped would pave the way for me to become one of the great actresses of British theatre. In celebration of this new beginning and higher status, I had swapped my usual ripped jeans and sloppy jumpers for a pair of clean dungarees with a neatly pressed white shirt and, much to my mother's shock, I had actually brushed my hair.

Like many young people my age, I was under the impression that the best way to show your individuality and creativity was by wearing the kind of clothing that my despairing mother claimed was not fit to be seen in public. But for my first day as a student I had made an effort to look what my mother called 'respectable'. There were fifteen of us, sitting in a large circle on wobbly old chairs in the theatre hall, while the head of the drama department, Mr Wilson, gave us a warm welcoming speech and told us all about the course we were about to start.

To my horror, he then invited us to say a little bit about ourselves and why we had decided to do a drama course. I had no idea what I would say in front of all these people, which was a bit embarrassing for a would-be actress. The truth was that despite a taste for unusual clothing, I was painfully shy. My alarm grew as it came closer to my tum. My mind went blank and my mouth dry in dread of making a complete idiot of myself within the first hour of my new life.

One by one, the new students line 19 enthusiastically explained their reasons for their longing for the stage. Then it was the tum of a girl who I hadn't really noticed until that moment because I was too busy panicking about what I would say.

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  8. While all the other students, including me, looked fresh-faced and eager to please sitting bolt upright line 22 on the rickety chairs, this girl stood out like a sore thumb. She was slumped down so low in her chair and her jacket collar was pulled up so high that you could hardly see her face at all. All that was visible was a mop of untidy short brown hair and extraordinarily large, furious blue eyes.

    She briefly poked her chin above her collar and grunted, "My name's Tracy and I'm from Blackburn".