BA JIN On Anarchism and Terrorism

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To each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The individual seeks to benefit society; society seeks to protect the individual. Is this not happiness?

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But to achieve happiness costs us enormous blood. Would you rather linger on in your life by curling under the evil power, or honestly risk your life fighting against the devil with no turning back! I hope our friends will join us with fiery spirit to fulfill the most exciting and the most enjoyable endeavor of revolution. Let us march together to the road of happiness! No matter what, humans must battle their environment.

I do not write to earn a living or to build a reputation. I write to battle every outdated traditional notion, every irrational system that stands in the way of social progress and human development, and every instance of cruelty in the face of love. My pen is alight and my body aflame. Until both burn down to ash, my love and my hate will remain here in the world. Ba Jin writing activism social progress human development. You have your thoughts and I have mine. Ba Jin Li Yaotang thoughts mine fact unique individuality.

Ora queste persone sono precisamente coloro da cui dipendiamo per vivere. Noi, i nostri padri e i nostri antenati siamo stati gli uni e gli altri degli sfruttatori. The anarchist movement in Japan: the martyrs of Tokyo libcom.

BA JIN On Anarchism and Terrorism

Ba Jin Kimdir? There he was active in the anarchist movement and was involved in the campaign to save the Italian-American anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti from their death sentence. He entered into correspondence with Vanzetti and later wrote a pamphlet The Scaffold about the case. He acted as a liaison between the European and Asian anarchist movements.

He published his first novel Destruction in Paris, in which he describes the life of revolutionaries in Shanghai in the s.

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In this book he expresses his conviction that anarchism cannot come through political assassination and can only be achieved by an organised mass movement. At the same time, he sought to understand the terrorists and that the stagnant state of Chinese society was responsible for their actions.

Returning to China in , he became one of the most well known intellectuals within the anarchist movement. He continued with his work of writing novels, which were always about the clash between feudal society and the revolutionaries. His masterpiece was Family, where he attacks the family system as it was in its feudal and patriarchal form. During the Japanese invasion in the 30s, most intellectuals aligned with the Communist Party, and so did Ba Jin, despite his reservations.

But at the same time he was inspired by the Spanish Revolution and the actions of the anarchists. In he began his translation of the complete works of Kropotkin, and brought out one of his last novels, Icy Night. The anarchist movement was still in decline, but Ba Jin remained the principal correspondent in China for the Commission of International Anarchist Relations CRIA liaison bureau for the worldwide anarchist movement.

The Communists tightened their grip on China in October and Ba Jin was obliged to enter one of the satellite organisations of the Party. He joined the Association of Chinese Writers. His work was glorified on stage and screen.

After that his life took many twists and turns. Then his novels were censored and re-edited and all the mentions of anarchism were cut out. Already in , he had stopped writing much, only involving himself in translations, essays and his memoirs. It appears that he was put under considerable pressure by the authorities. In , during the Cultural Revolution, it was his turn to be denounced. He was publicly humiliated in front of thousands and made to kneel on broken glass. After that, he was used by the regime again, who made him a personality and in put him into the post of President of the Association of Chinese Writers.

Throughout his life, it appears he remained true to anarchism, but was often forced to keep silent and to make compromises.

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His beloved wife Xian Shian died after being refused proper medical care by the regime in His last few years were spent in great pain as the result of debilitating illnesses and he begged to be granted euthanasia. He finally died on 17 October Chinese names are already reversed, so it should be Ba Jin not Jin, Ba, though other students of Chinese anarchism, such as Arif Dirlik, think that his name should be romanized as Bajin since many 20thcentury Chinese anarchists, most famously Shifu, dropped their surnames in protest against feudal family structures.

He's known by just one name in Esperanto Bakin , in which he's a pretty big deal: Concise Encyclopedia of Original Literature of Esperanto. Ba Jin's great, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for his novels.

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Also, Christiebooks have now got his collection of political essays "On anarchism and terrorism" available for Kindle for a couple of quid. In February and March , the Roma unemployed in Slovakia responded to cuts in welfare provisions with demonstrations and looting. The state's response involved the greatest mobilization Fear that Western countries are undergoing a process of 'Islamisation' was the main motivation of Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

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